Looking for writers

Yea Tuscaloosa! is seeking writers to help launch and shape the future of this website.

What topics can writers cover?

Since the site is just getting started, this topic is open for input and suggestion.  Some initial topics to consider are events and goings-on that make up and are a part of our community.  This will inevitably be based on who shows up and what interests you have.

Are writers paid?

Writers will receive a majority share of the ad revenue for each article  written.  An initial plan is for the website to include ads from Google’s Display Network.  Each writer will be asked to create an account on AdSense.  Writers can enter their AdSense ID in their Yea Tuscaloosa! author profile.  70% of the ad revenue for each article will go to the article’s author.  The website’s owner will retain the remaining 30%.

Can I share my articles using social media?

Yes, and in fact, this is encouraged.  When you publish an article, the Yea Tuscaloosa! website will automatically post a link on its Facebook and Twitter accounts.  You can share/retweet that post/tweet or create a new post/tweet linking to your article.  Promoting your articles online will lead to additional page views and ad revenue.

Sign me up!

To sign-up to be a writer, please fill out the form on this page.